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Our Founder

Hey there! I’m Victoria, the visionary behind Om Reset®. As the Founder and CEO, my mission is to revolutionize how people connect with meditation and yoga classes. Our groundbreaking concept brings these transformative practices to your fingertips through our convenient app.

With just a few clicks,  you can experience a new way of practicing yoga and meditation anywhere, anytime. Our website connects you with live sessions worldwide, allowing you to experience these practices’ incredible benefits without ever leaving home or work.

Health and wellness have always been my driving passion, and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to explore this field while traveling and living in different corners of the world. Before this exciting journey, I held various roles, including Senior Accountant and CFO. But here’s a fun fact: I even worked for the circus!

However, a back injury truly opened my eyes to yoga’s transformative wonders. I discovered these ancient practices’ countless physical, mental, and emotional benefits throughout my journey. This led me to complete a Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training program, and now, with Om Reset®, my ultimate mission is to make yoga and meditation accessible to people worldwide. 

Our Teachers

We have an incredibly diverse and talented group of instructors looking forward to sharing their experiences and expertise with you.

Maddie is a young woman who teaches yoga for Om Reset®


Florida, USA

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Greta Recinto's live-stream yoga studio


California, USA

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Om Reset was brought to life by founder Victoria's realization that there exists a lack of Health and Wellness Programs in the workplace. Over the years, attending and instructing fitness classes led Victoria to discover vibrant health through breath and flowing movement, leading her to a healthier way of experiencing life. Intending to bring both yoga and wellness (this prominently includes meditation) into everyday life, her team has enabled 15 -minute Om Reset® sessions in workplaces, organizations, and homes globally. In addition, Om Reset's diverse team of yoga teachers provides an array of classes via live stream and real-time that you can access from anywhere in the world via their App.


California, USA

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Arizona, USA

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Om Reset provides accessible yoga and meditation classes to help people lead healthier lives.


Amber is a teacher here at Om Reset. She is in a seated pose.


Missouri, USA

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Florida, USA

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Our Classes

We offer many different kinds of classes.  Please let us know if there is a class you would like to see on the schedule.

Breathwork (Pramayama)
Pranayama is a practice which brings awareness to body and mind through different breathing techniques by expanding vital energy.
There are different sequence exercises which help the student  decrease stress and cortisol levels, improve sleep quality, increase mindfulness, reduce high blood pressure, improve lung function and enhance cognitive performance.
These sequence techniques either calming down the mind or either boosting vital energy (prana) in the body. Students can bring these techniques on a daily basis and have confidence to use them whenever they need tuning with their energy levels.
Desk Yoga
This class is specific to those sitting at a desk.  The postures aim to alleviate common problems people experience from sitting at a desk all day. This class focuses on the neck, shoulders, upper back, chest, lower back, and hips to release tension caused by poor posture.
Vinyasa HIIT
Yoga is great for activating slow-twitch muscle fibers which help to build endurance.  The HIIT portion offers short, super-intense bursts of movement, increasing your heart rate.  Science proves that a few minutes of HIIT stitches on your body as if it’s exercised for hours a week.

The HIIT portions use Tabata-style timing.  The Class is a safe way to get your heart rate up and burn calories for up to 48 hours afterward.  Add weights to help to build muscles and burn even more calories.

Face Yoga
Face yoga is a set of exercises and techniques designed to improve the appearance and health of facial muscles and skin. It involves a series of movements that stretch and tone the muscles in the face, neck, and jawline, which can help reduce signs of aging, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.  Face yoga is believed to improve circulation, boost collagen production, increase lymphatic drainage, and relax facial tension, contributing to a more youthful, radiant complexion. Regular practice of face yoga can help improve muscle strength, skin elasticity, and overall facial symmetry.
This session packs in stretching, movement, and stillness. Experience the “sound of stillness.” A daily practice can help with anxiety, stress, depression, and more, leading to a healthier you.
Gentle Prenatal Flow
For expecting mamas or mamas who hope to be expecting in the future. A perfect class to balance, restore and release. All poses are made safe for expectant mothers and the flow is gentle and soothing to reduce tension in the body and mind. Set up your space with some soft pillows and a blanket to enjoy this time for you.
Yin Flow
A modern-day flow with lineage-inspired teachings. This class starts with slow-flowing movement to get the body warm and the mind focused. Yin poses, passive stretches held for minutes at a time, prepare the body for stillness by releasing deep-rooted tension. Meditation or Yoga Nidra, the stillness practice that connects us to the true essence of Yoga, finishes this complete practice.
Slow Flow Reset
Vinyasa but slow and steady. Take more time to breathe in the poses and work to slowly open up the body. This class is gentle, yet provides a bit more movement than your typical gentle flow class. Perfect for days where you’re feeling sleepy, overworked, or just need some soft movement. Appropriate for all levels and all bodys.
Chakra Meditation
This meditation will bring alignment and connection with 7 chakras, the main energy centers in the body. Student will be guided from the base of the spine to the top of the head – from Root to the Crown chakra by different meditation techniques such as breathing awareness, colour visualization, mantras, affirmations and mudras helping the student to open up and balance body, mind and spirit for perfect health.
Chakra-Balancing Yoga
A sequence of asanas and breathing awareness focusing on the main energy centers of each pose brings connection to the chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head – from Root to Crown Chakra.
The chakras have a direct connection with physical, mental, and emotional health. The energy of each chakra helps keep bodily functions under control.
Balancing the chakras is essential for a student to experience harmony and perfect health. This yoga class helps the student to regain balance in the energy points.
Slow Flow
This class will flow slowly through sun salutations and postures designed to build internal heat slowly and gently.
Hatha Flow
A gentle class, focusing on flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath. The instructor will offer a variety of modifications to encourage the participation of everyone. We sit, stand, and inverted postures and suggest challenging variations for more advanced students, yet fun and non-intimidating options for newer students. All levels- BEGINNERS WELCOME!

What Our Members Are Saying

"Molly was excellent regarding her use of voice, what she said, and the pace of the meditation.

~ Paul

“Taking an online yoga class in real-time has been a life-changing experience, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity. The convenience of practicing from home has made it much easier to commit to a regular yoga practice. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. She guides me through each pose with detailed instructions and modifications, making it accessible for yogis of all levels. I feel stronger, more flexible, less stressed, and more in tune with my body and mind. I highly recommend the Om Reset® platform to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being from home comfort."

~ Eleanor

" The classes and teachers are fantastic. I love how good I feel after taking a class, and I discovered Face Yoga and loved it."

~ Josie

" The App is a must-have. You can quickly join a class from anywhere. I have taken classes in the park, in my backyard. I even took a meditation class at the airport."

~ Megan

"Attending an online live yoga class has been a game-changer for me. The instructor is personable and attentive, providing real-time individualized feedback and guidance. Practicing with like-minded individuals worldwide creates an energetic and supportive atmosphere that motivates me to push myself further. Even though I'm practicing from home, it feels like I'm part of a community that lifts each other up. I leave every class feeling rejuvenated, centered, and grateful for this incredible experience. I highly recommend this online live yoga platform to anyone seeking a unique and transformative yoga experience."

~ Sophie

"I love all of the classes and teachers, especially how I can communicate with a teacher in real time. No other platform has this feature."

~ Veronica

"Attending an online live meditation class has been an incredibly transformative experience for me. The instructor's calming and soothing voice helps me relieve stress and anxiety, while practicing with a group worldwide makes me feel interconnected and grounded. I leave each class feeling refreshed, energized, and centered. Highly recommended for anyone seeking inner peace."

~ Meghan

"Molly makes something that can be quite difficult to do, doable. Excellent."

~ Kaz