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Why Mantras?

Getting to the ancient root of it all, the mantras, at their core, is the basis of all religious traditions, scriptures, and prayers. According to Pandit Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley), when carefully chosen and used silently, mantras are said to have the ability to help alter your subconscious impulses, habits, and afflictions. When spoken or chanted, Mantras direct the healing power of Prana (life force energy) and, in traditional Vedic practices, can be used to energize and access spiritual states of consciousness. Mantra as a spiritual practice should be done regularly for several months for its desired effects to occur.

The mantra is meant to bring you back to simplicity. We live in such a complex world that getting lost in all the details is easy. Mantras can help you return to the simplistic approach to life and focus on those things that inspire you and truly make you happy.

We hope you enjoy the mantras that we have shared.  Use the ones the resonate with you.

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