Giséle Lupi



Welcome to Giséle’s Live-Stream Studio!

My yoga journey started 20 years ago in New Zealand, where I used to attend as many visiting teachers and studio classes as I could. In 2018, I completed my YA-certified teacher training in Thailand and have since been teaching full-time, including at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand, & on retreats in Malaysia, Cote d’Ivoire, and France. I’ve also been teaching online private classes for the last two years, and I love the convenience, & immediacy. 

I  teach for the person in front of me; I don’t just demonstrate 😉 I love seeing students progress, overcome fears and explore postures and new places in their body/mind and perhaps even their life off the mat too! It has certainly done that for me!

Whether you are a beginner or at any point on your journey of this beautiful science of yoga, my sincere desire is to share the light and for progress and evolution.

Gisele is currently

hosting a self-care workshop series.

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