Giséle Lupi



Gisele , an Om Reset instructor, is happy on the beach

Welcome to Giséle’s Live-Stream Studio!

My yoga journey started 20 years ago in New Zealand, where I used to attend as many visiting teachers and studio classes as I could. In 2018, I completed my YA-certified teacher training in Thailand and have since been teaching full-time, including at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand, & on retreats in Malaysia, Cote d’Ivoire, and France. I’ve also been teaching online private classes for the last two years, and I love the convenience, & immediacy. 

I  teach for the person in front of me; I don’t just demonstrate 😉 I love seeing students progress, overcome fears and explore postures and new places in their body/mind and perhaps even their life off the mat too! It has certainly done that for me!

Whether you are a beginner or at any point on your journey of this beautiful science of yoga, my sincere desire is to share the light and for progress and evolution.

Giséle’s Class Schedule