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Welcome to Banish’s Live-Stream Studio!

I am a yoga Practitioner and Instructor from India. I completed my PGD (Postgraduate Diploma) in yogic science from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University in Haridwar), India.

I have over four years of experience training people worldwide, online and offline. My yoga techniques have helped more than 2,000+ families and yoga professionals achieve their health goals.

I am specially trained in the following:

THERAPUTIC YOGA techniques like spine Alignment Yoga, back Pain Relief yoga, Upper Back Stretching Yoga (for frozen shoulder and cervical pain), and PROP YOGA like Chair Yoga, Belt Yoga, Wall Yoga, and Wheel Yoga.

At a personal level, I have cured myself of different problems, such as reducing 18kg and curing my piles and kidney stone problem with yoga practice for only 5 months, which I got when I was not a yoga practitioner.

I’m looking forward to meeting more wonderful souls in class.🙏

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