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My journey into holistic healing did not begin easy. It began with overcoming trauma and coming out of self-destructive addictive behavior patterns with food, alcohol, and drugs and rising in the ever-present moment of self-love and self-acceptance after hitting many rock bottoms early on in life. In 2013, I experienced my first yoga class and from that moment on I knew I was meant to teach. I am always ready to learn more after two 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, a 3-year Pilates Teacher Training, and 2 Reiki Trainings. IRAE Holistic Living has been inspired by what inspired me to live with purpose, which stems from the Ras Tafari lifestyle, spiritual principles, and culture within my life experience. In 2018, I began traveling to Jamaica to teach at a yoga retreat center and give back to the culture that had significantly changed my life. I have been teaching yoga, meditation, and Pilates for 8 years now, continuing to see students feel accomplished, muscular, confident, and safe within themselves. I also continue to learn as I teach, which is the nature of applying wisdom and knowledge in this life.

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