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Hello, my name is Aimee DeRoehn. I am a Master Reiki practitioner and healer in the beautiful Seacoast of NH. I have taught yoga for over 20 years and offered Reiki sessions for almost as long. I stumbled on all of them for every modality I offer, be it yoga, Reiki, meditation, breathing, or coaching. Much to the surprise of others, it was a shock to me most of all! I understand massage, talk therapy, and meds for depression and anxiety, but these other healing modalities do not have a chance. Not a single person in my world was talking about any of it. So, it still baffles me that I would find and make each a part of my life’s work.

Hot power yoga initially led me to Reiki and eventually all other spiritual healing modalities I later cultivated into my healing practice for others. Reiki was mind-blowing because it had this innate power that presented itself quietly and subtly. At the time, I had been practicing hot, sweaty, intense power yoga for several years, running, boxing, and heavy weight lifting. My life itself carried a lot of trauma, adversity, intensity, and severe stress, and I was always busy as a single parent in such a dynamic, hurried way, working three jobs at a time, etc. Yet, Reiki was the complete opposite of all of that energy.

I am the Reiki healer I am today because of the incredible support, encouragement, mentoring, guidance, and helpful instruction from three tremendous women.

In 2006, I met an employee at Baptiste Power Yoga named Julie Pike Edmond, a massage therapist and a magically gifted Reiki healer. She sprinkled Reiki into the massage session. I didn’t understand it then, but I felt like someone had pulled me into a giant, warm pool of peace and inner stillness. I felt profoundly rooted and completely calm. There was a newfound kindness and care for myself that I hadn’t experienced before. Coming home from Boston that day, I felt like I was floating. Even days later, I could still feel the shift. Not only was I so grounded and more at ease, but I felt safe, relaxed, and even happy.

I would return to Boston and work with Julie regularly for a few years after, receiving many more healing sessions. In 2008, my Reiki journey expanded. This time, it was through Gayle Hannan, a powerful, motherly Reiki master and a “Barbara Brennan” Energy Medicine practitioner. One day in 2009, Gayle asked me if she might use my yoga studio to host a Reiki Share. I invited my adolescent son to join the class. While my session was great, I wanted something more significant and profound upon witnessing my son’s experience with his Reiki session. He had a horrible day earlier and wasn’t able to shake it. When he hopped off the table, all of what had been bothering him had lifted. We signed up for our Level One Usui Reiki training that weekend! We practiced diligently for two years and then teamed up again in 2011 to complete Gayle’s Level Two Reiki. 

I have continued to utilize Reiki for my entire family. I have practiced Reiki on clients struggling with trauma, grief, anxiety, fibromyalgia, high-risk pregnancy, pre-and post-surgery to soothe worried nerves, terminal illness, stress, colds, migraines, and addiction. I have also spent a long practicing Reiki on pets for friends or clients, families, children, businesses, homes, relationships, etc. I am still in awe whenever I experience Reiki’s gentle, healing, and quiet way of nurturing a healthier balance in my mind, body, and life alongside many others I work with. My humility and awe of the peace people find, and the stories of magic shared after a Reiki session with me are never slight things! It just never gets old. I also feel humbled at each session for the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui himself, and his two master teachers, Dr. Hayashi & Hawayo Takata, and their journeys that led to Reiki coming forth into the world so long ago. I knew the world needed and deserved this, too, and that Reiki deserved to be known and respectfully practiced and shared with others. I am without words for the gratitude I feel for each of the women I found who shared their knowledge, time, and energy with me. Reiki, to me, is this sacred subtle secret that is so badly needed and deserving of all living in our often fast-paced, frantic, busy, suffering, stressed, ill, and tired world. Reiki never harms and has its wisdom in every session I offer.

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