New Moon in Scorpio brings Explosive Beginnings

created by ~ Maddie Delrae

New Moon in Scorpio brings Explosive Beginnings

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on November 13th, 2023, at 4:27 am EST, the first non-eclipse lunation after our final eclipse season 2023. Usually, this is felt as a relief, being the first New Moon not obscured by darkness or dimming of the Sun or Moon. However, this New Moon sits directly opposite the planet of disruption, chaos, uncertainty, and challenges – continuing themes the October eclipses dragged up from the shadows.  This New Moon will remind us of the unfinished business and the decisions we must make to keep moving forward.

It is a decisive lunation moment. The ruler, Mars, sits in Scorpio right next to the Sun and Moon, providing increased energy, drive, and motivation to tackle any challenges or concerns that may arise on the quest for a new journey. If you desire to start a rigorous exercise routine or embark on a personal challenge that will take much energy and staying power – this New Moon will give you the tools you need to complete the mission. If you are clear on your intentions, very little can stand in the way of Mars in Scorpio.

However, Uranus sits in very close opposition to this New Moon. The proceeding events can disrupt, throw off course, or reroute through a different pipeline as your intentions unfold. Uranus is about breaking free from tradition, stopping the old patterns, and trying something new or groundbreaking. You are not simply beginning something unknown; you are starting something unique that you may have never tried, and you are the pioneer.

Early on November 15th, Mercury in fiery Sagittarius will connect to social Venus in Libra.

Suppose you have found yourself in a “stuck” position from this New Moon, perhaps paralyzed by fear and unable to figure out how to move forward. Today’s aspect promotes increased communication, idea generation, and connecting with people who get it. A clear path may appear that was once hidden as discussions take place.

The Sun and Mars in Scorpio come into a close conjunction starting around November 17th that will last through the 19th and longer, and both planets come into a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

Our last Sun/Mars conjunction was in Libra two years ago, in October 2021. This conjunction marks a new beginning for Mars, a new cycle for him to begin, and it occurs in his domicile sign with excess power. Notice if hidden desires and goals are coming to light that you may wish to pursue, especially those that take a year or longer to complete. Mars in Scorpio has staying power and an intense drive to do the work necessary to make your dream a reality.

We shift into Sagittarius season on November 22nd, and the Sun will quickly hit a stuck corner with a square to Saturn at zero degrees Pisces. Each planet entering into the optimistic sign of Sagittarius will be dosed with reality, tempering the esteem and hopeful promises. However, the square is quick, and after slight depression and frustration, smooth sailing is ahead. Don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in the setbacks – they are temporary if you let them have enough space. 

The most challenging aspect of this lunation cycle occurs on November 25th, right after Mars enters Sagittarius and enters the same square as Saturn in Pisces. Mars and Saturn coming together, especially in a square aspect, feels like a car crash. Mars loves to move fast and quickly, especially in a fire sign, but Saturn is a wall, a boundary, and a hard stop. Together, the two can create a push-pull dynamic of driving straight into a wall. Be prepared to hit a tricky corner or frustrating detour, but don’t spin your wheels.

Step back and pause to ensure you see the whole picture. 

Let’s look at where this New Moon astrology is happening for you specifically.


A new beginning is planted in the seed of who you are, as this New Moon in Scorpio provides you an opportunity for rebirth and renewal. With Mars present in this sign, you may’ve noticed a more intense drive to go after what you want in life – your desires, passions, inspiration, and the people and events that fuel you. Motivation may be high, and this is an ideal time to use your inner power to envision the highest version of who you are and what you want to be. What parts of yourself are you still uncomfortable or done with? What personal desires have not entirely been spoken or heard? This New Moon wants you to nourish the seed of intention in your life, of how you will take the reins and guide the newfound energy to grow. You’re in the driver’s seat now; take on those challenges burning in your heart.

Uranus opposite this New Moon may add excitement and instability to your plans. You are not here to affirm the status quo but to challenge it, and this New Moon will have you pushing the Old traditional beliefs of who you are and how you also show up in relationships in a completely disrupting and groundbreaking fashion. If your partner and one-on-one relationships are on board, this is the opportunity for you both to redefine and recreate your vision of life together.


This New Moon in Scorpio ignites a fresh beginning within your inner world, mental health, internal spaces, and everything spinning around in your mind that others are unaware of or fully understand. How you deal with pain, loss, and hardships, and how you heal, nurture, and realize what it means to hold space for your own heart, is all kept in this space and is everything this New Moon wishes you to reflect on. How do you want to start putting your needs first in life? What does it mean to unplug from the daily responsibilities and “shoulds” just to be? While Mars here can always kick up dust and make tensions noticeable, also be aware of the actions you need to take for yourself to move on and heal truly.

As Uranus sits opposite this New Moon, the internal work may be more noticeable externally than average. This deep understanding of yourself may lead to breaking free from superficial or material constraints, like an unsatisfying responsibility, job, or position in your life. Practice awareness of what feels constraining in your world, leading to recurring negative patterns in your mind. Under this lunation, it may be time to let go of what is no longer yours to hold and envision an entirely new future for yourself. 


Friendships, community, and relationships that extend outside your familial bubble are the focus for fresh rebirth and growth under this New Moon in Scorpio.

With Mars moving through this sign, you may’ve been more driven to find fun and enjoyment in your life, stepping away from work responsibilities and close personal relationships to the other side of lightheartedness and pleasure. Here, you will be less severe with your approach – although Mars may ask you to remove the old friendships, communities, and identities you have clung to. What is now shifting in your social circles? Whatever feels like a chore or stress, here must go; it’s time to use this lunation to dream up a new beginning around friend groups, communities, and spaces where you feel loved and free.

Unlike this New Moon, Uranus creates surprises and disruptions to the ordinary course of business. Perhaps it’s time to find a new or different group of people to socialize with, one outside your old patterns or routines. Or maybe you become the disruptor within your friend groups, encouraging a new adventure or fun event that allows for play. The drive of Uranus here is to create freedom and to move away from boring situations, people, or events that have framed your life up to this point. How do you want to feel excited about life again?


With this New Moon in Scorpio, your career, work goals, and overall public reputation are the points of growth and regeneration. Mars has been traversing through this sign the past month, increasing your energy, motivation, and focus on all work and career responsibilities. You may be coming up with challenges or points of frustration, but you also see how putting the necessary work and energy into this space can bring lasting results. Utilize this New Moon to assess what’s working for you regarding how you envision your career and also inspect what you’re ready to cut out. This lunation is not about keeping your plate full so you never have space for yourself, but for intentionally creating space so you can feel the inner motivation and desire for this work again.

Of course, there’s always a catch, and Uranus is sitting directly opposite the New Moon, which adds a layer of uncertainty, instability, and potential fear to your plans and goals if you are too rigid. An unexpected disruption or moment of chaos may ensue in your home life in a way that directly affects your work. You may need to make a change or potentially risky decision that may seem entirely out of bounds. The lesson here is that we don’t always have an answer for everything, and you must be willing to learn to roll with the disruptions and shakeups.


Big dreams, far-reaching visions, and your overall ambition for the future are the seeds of refreshed intentions planted by this New Moon in Scorpio. Expanding your mind and increasing your knowledge has been the main focus for this season, especially with Mars in this sign, encouraging you to take inspired action and try out all the different philosophies, beliefs, and future goals you have for your life. It may also be the New Moon. You need to create travel plans and learn about those different cultures you have yet to experience. How have your long-term goals changed this last year? What setbacks or disruptions have occurred within your life journey? Whatever is itching your passion for adventure, chase after it. There is something about expanding your mind and capacity for exploration under this New Moon that will fuel your own self-expression and personal growth directly.

As this New Moon is also opposite Uranus, try not to be too fixated on a set future, travel adventure, long-term goal for yourself, or even a belief and mindset. Uranus can create disruptions and instability, perhaps leaving you feeling lost and disappointed if things don’t go as intended. However, we learn to take exciting risks and abandon expectations through this shaky ground. Lean into what is unknown and unclear, and know it’s leading you exactly where you need to be.


Shared resources, projects, or work you create with another, your partner’s income, loans, and all other financial matters are in for rebirth under this New Moon in Scorpio. In this sign, Mars has been encouraging increased activity, perhaps motivating you to start a new project or collaboration with someone, to seek financing for a significant shift or even your partner may be changing jobs or support

within the relationship. This lunation is an ideal time to step back and look at the whole picture – what are you trying to achieve and create with this action? What would you like to see here that isn’t strictly about you? While this part of life can feel slower and covered in more red tape, know that small agreements and working together can significantly change your life.

On the flip side, remember that Uranus sits opposite this New Moon.

An unexpected call, a disruption in income flow, or an erratic plan may throw everything off track. Stay flexible with your journey, keeping the final result in mind but opening yourself up to new paths and directions to get there. Uranus dislikes traditional beliefs and methods, so those won’t work for you now. Part of this lunation is about trying something different and risky, but knowing it will be worth it.


One-on-one relationships and committed partnerships are the focus for robust intentional growth under this New Moon in Scorpio. Even if this space feels empty, like your only commitment is to Yourself, the energy is shifting quickly. Whether or not you are in a current romantic partnership or even have a business partner, think about the nature of those relationships. How are they growing, changing, and becoming more prominent in your life? What does it mean for you to be in a relationship with another? What do you give, what do you receive, where does the balance of power sit? With Mars here, there may be a lot of action and clearing out in this area of life, with equal tension if you aren’t being transparent with your needs.

Uranus also sits opposite this New Moon in your home sign of Taurus. Part of your relationships’ new growth is from your personal development and disruption of self. Consciously or subconsciously, you are stepping into a new version of who you are, breaking free from old beliefs and patterns that have guided your life from this point forward. And this new understanding of yourself naturally flows into your relationships and how you show up for others. What old ways of being are you now done with? What new practices are you taking on, and how does that shape the people you nurture?


Day-to-day routines, work responsibilities, employment, coworkers, pet needs, and relationship to your body’s health and wellness are the seeds of new intention and growth planted by this New Moon in Scorpio. In this sign, Mars has been increasing your activity and busyness, filling your plate with to-do lists, and motivating you to get everything done while still hitting the gym. Of course, the threat of burnout sits just around the corner. Utilize this lunation to find a balance – what new daily routine or ritual can you begin to create for yourself that allows you to complete tasks while giving yourself time for “play?”  How can you balance caring for others and putting your health and needs first? There’s a delicate game to play here, and it may involve cutting away some unnecessary work and stress from your life.

Uranus sits opposite this New Moon, adding another element of surprise and uncertainty to a part of your life that is very consistent and structured. You may need to break free from your old routine, especially if it feels worn out and dull. You may also notice a disruption from the usual flow of events, asking you to step back from these external work matters and tend to your inner world. Whatever comes up, allow yourself to find flexibility. Staying rigid during Uranus transits leads to unnecessary energy expended. 


Creative projects, the ways you have fun, and work or relationships with children are the focus for fresh intentional growth under this New Moon in Scorpio. In this sign, Mars has been increasing the energy, and potentially pressure, on your hobbies, creative ideas, and any work or personal relationships you have with children. It can be when even those fun activities you love feel like work, and the boundary between work and play seems blurred. Part of what makes this feel so serious is this creative expression, and the relationships you cultivate with fun are a direct expression of your identity and sense of self. Utilize this New Moon to step back from the heaviness or weight of these projects and decide what one or two things you would like to grow here over the next six months. How can you focus your energy but remain unattached to the outcome?

Releasing expectations and remaining neutral to the result is further encouraged by Uranus’s opposition to this New Moon. Staying stuck to a path or creative goal may be detrimental if you aren’t flexible.

Uranus creates disruptions and earthquake-like effects in our lives, throwing us off a set path into a different one. But often, the unexpected journey allows us to break free from old beliefs that had unknowingly chained us and envision a new way not before recognized.


Home and family life, relationships with your parents, and the overall living environment may be in for an unexpected disruption or change of pace under this New Moon in Scorpio.

There’s an exciting beginning, especially with Mars in this sign, encouraging you to take action and freshen up what home means to you. Whether it brings a big move or subtle shifts of decorations around the house, something is asking for a change. What new beliefs or practices do you wish to start growing around your home life and with your relationship with your family? How is home being reframed in a new way for you? Mars also likes to cut things away so that a clean-out may be in the books. Whatever it is, don’t stay stagnant. This energy needs to flow.

Uranus opposite this New Moon may also create some shakeups and sudden changes regarding your home life. It’s not a great time to fixate yourself on a plan. Uranus generally wipes away all traditional expectations and initial paths by dumping new information or challenges, primarily through your work. Something that can directly affect your home may happen within your career and work life. Staying open and available to all the possibilities will bring you the best results. 


Your daily life, rituals, local community, siblings, and relationships with those who feel like siblings are all up for a fresh start under this New Moon in Scorpio. Mars in this sign has been filling up your schedule, providing new activities, exciting conversations, and energetic opportunities to stay busy and active, get out in your local community, and feel connected with others there. As your free time dwindles, think about your overarching routine and ritual with life. What would you like to do daily to bring more pleasure and emotional growth into your life? What does it mean to have a life where you look forward to each morning and the mundane activities instead of dreading them? The point of this lunation is to be able to create a life you don’t wish to escape from.

Uranus opposite this New Moon will further encourage you to imagine how you want things to be, especially if you currently feel like you HAVE to live this life a certain way. Look for exciting and disrupting opportunities to expand your mind and find new passions in the world. View your future as an open possibility, and be ready to dump out the old traditional path if it doesn’t excite you. Once you envision what it means to have a fulfilling and free direction, it will flow into your everyday life.


Money, income, resources, and overall how you build your stamina up materially is the area of intentional fresh growth under this New Moon in Scorpio. There has been a lot of activity in this area of your life, perhaps income changes, roles at work shifting, or even acquiring a new job that allows for a reimagining of your finances. While Mars creates this drive, there is also the potential for stress, pressure, or overall challenges with making and spending money.

Utilize this New Moon lunation to clarify what you want and need for security and happiness and what is just extra baggage and stress you’re ready to toss out. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Take a deep dive into your emotions, stories, and beliefs about what truly fills you up and what is not worth a glance from your direction.

Uranus is sitting opposite this New Moon, potentially disrupting or creating chaos in a consistent or stable income stream. Additionally, you may feel the Uranian nature of breaking free and finding liberation from the chains of capitalistic rules. This aspect will push the boundaries of what can be supportive yet still exciting and not a dread to maintain. Add an element of surprise and fun into your planning and intention setting for this New Moon. You may never know what opportunities can arise.

Maddie fell in love with yoga in 2018. After graduating from college and starting a corporate job, it was clear that she needed something to help her destress and return to her center. She often felt disconnected from my body, and yoga was a beautiful way for me to develop a stable relationship with it again. Maddie’s teaching style is open-level and finding the best movement for you. She focuses on the mind-body connection, deepening your heart and listening to how the movement echoes. She integrates breathwork into all styles of yoga, from vinyasa to yin. She believes yoga is a tool that opens us up to new experiences and deeper connections. Alongside yoga, Maddie is an astrologer and tarot reader. Check out Maddie’s website to learn more about astrology. Click here to book a yoga class with Maddie.


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