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After working for ten years in marketing, I changed my life, quit my job, and sold my belongings. The desire to know more about myself and my self-development lead me to experiment the more holistic treatments and approaches. I came across Reiki, then Aura Reading, and finally, Yoga.

In each class, I offer a unique approach to the Language of You with each service. It’s a premium service: in every session, we go deeper and deeper into layers of you, discovering your inner language and giving you the tools you need to be more in the present moment and live your passions and life in the most fulfilled way.

My Yoga classes are Yoga Emotions Inspired: Depending on the theme, we will use Hatha, Vinyasa, or Yin. This method works on your emotions; it’s a journey for you to understand your deep emotions and unlock yourself.

You will learn that Yoga is a way of living your life, on and off the mat.

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