Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 

created by ~ Maddie Delrae

This Full Moon is a celebration, providing a moment of sweet contemplation and appreciation of what has developed in this space

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 

The last eclipse of the year occurs at 5° Taurus on October 28, 2023, at 4:24 pm EDT. It is the final eclipse we will have in Taurus, marking the ending of a significant cycle that began in November 2021. This Full Moon is a celebration, providing a moment of sweet contemplation and appreciation of what has developed in this space. There’s a feeling of being affirmed of one’s direction and achievements as Jupiter, the kingly planet of abundance and recognition, sits close to this Full Moon eclipse. This area of your life may’ve felt unstable and inconsistent in the last two years, and finally, with Jupiter present, there’s a feeling of being grounded and supported instead.

Mars and Mercury provide a little extra flair with this eclipse, however, as they sit on the other side of the lunation with the Sun over in Scorpio. While we need to recognize the progress and commemorate the work we have done, Mars positioned in such a close opposition to Jupiter will create the feeling of not enough. There’s an awareness that this isn’t the end, that while the eclipses have ramped up the energy, there’s still work to do. This aspect tends to put us into overdrive, feeling that we must work even harder to get where we desire to be.

The balance between the need to honor the journey and the sought-after outcome is the answer found in this eclipse. However, that won’t necessarily be easy, and this eclipse ruled by Venus in Virgo is naturally self-critical and over-analytical about all aspects of an issue. Find time for self-compassion and gratitude for yourself, and ensure equal recognition for how far this eclipse journey has gone. And through that reflection, notice what emotions arise around what still feels incomplete.

Mercury, and Mars will meet on October 29th, and intense conversations may arise around the future planning and goals that the Full Moon highlighted for you. It can be an ideal time for writing out new ideas and laying the groundwork for your impending action that the Full Moon may’ve compelled for you. Be mindful of venting too many frustrations out to others or withholding important information, as this combination in Scorpio likes to be secretive.

Venus, still lingering back in Virgo, will make a disrupting trine to Uranus in Taurus on October 31st. More information regarding this Full Moon may come to light, as well as push back against traditional plans or boring relationships. It is a good day to chase an exciting adventure or meet new people in unexpected places that may feel coincidental or in alignment.

We experience a string of oppositions between November 2nd and November 4th, as the Sun comes opposite Jupiter, Venus opposite Neptune, and Mercury opposite Uranus, all while Saturn stations direct. Be prepared for an overload of ideas and visions for actions you want to take while still feeling unclear and chaotic about the practical plan. It can cause us to feel immobile or paralyzed in decision-making. Even if you slow down from direct action, journal and plan to the extent you can, as ideas during this time may be abundant.

On November 6th, Venus will trine Pluto, and Mercury will trine Neptune, providing a day with more flow with our creativity and inspiration. It is an ideal time to give your mind a break and do something about art or pleasure. Venus will then shift into Libra on November 8th, finally leaving the sign of her fall into one of rulership, where we may experience increased connectivity and relationships.

Mercury will also enter Sagittarius on November 10th and immediately make a frustrating square to Saturn the same day. While Mercury, more outwardly expressed in Sagittarius, will struggle with the details and thinking outside of the big picture or theories of why life is the way it is. Mercury and Saturn today may create a need to be more responsible or tackle practical issues.

Right before the New Moon in Scorpio, Mars will make an opposition to Uranus on November 11th. It will be a disrupting aspect, again pushing against the boundaries of traditional structures to experience freedom and release. The upcoming New Moon will be opposite Uranus as well, so use this aspect as a precursor to the next lunation.

Let’s look at where this Full Moon astrology is happening for you specifically.


You have been rediscovering your sense of self, who you are, and what it means to own the space of being you. Since November 2021, eclipses in this sign have required you to recenter a more personal journey in your life, increasing the attention on your appearance, work, and relationship with loving the person you are. This Full Moon Taurus Lunar Eclipse desires celebration and recognition of your current life and direction. As a human, you are stepping into what we envisioned in late 2021. Admire the progress and work that has taken you this far; even with uncertainty and mistakes, you still end up exactly where you need to be.

Of course, Mars opposite Jupiter during this eclipse leaves behind a lingering “what-if?” If you feel your transformation isn’t incomplete, it’s because it’s not. Meant to spur action and ignite the path for you to start walking down where the Taurus Eclipse is. The other half of this lunation encourages you not to pause here but to visualize the next milestone in your journey of self and to go after it with the same vitality that brought you this far already. You’re just getting started.


Mental health, how you heal yourself and undo your success, and your connection to spirituality and subconscious dreamscape is the spotlight placed by this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Since November 2021, you’ve been diving deep into the underwaters of life, examining your past struggles and wounds head-on, and discovering what it means to handle loss while simultaneously experiencing healing. This current lunation inspires a celebration of your efforts here because what you’ve tackled and faced has not been easy or for the faint-hearted. Tremendous growth and personal development have occurred in the last two years that desire to be recognized and honored.

With Mars opposite Jupiter in this lunation, additional challenges or tensions may arrive, especially when you find yourself getting so caught up in work responsibilities and servitude of others that you forget to nurture your own inner needs as well. Simply because this is the last eclipse in this sign doesn’t mean the work is completely over. Pause, rewind, and come back to your mind, self, and mental health, and push those needs back to high priority on your to-do list. Take what you’ve learned as a springboard, and make sure during this season there are strong boundaries in place to avoid feeling stretched thin or overworked.


Community, friendships, and how you have fun with others in your life is the highlight of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This area of your life may’ve been expanding and transforming as you shift through different communities and identities, finding those friendships and people that allow you to feel truly seen and completely yourself. Throughout this process, you may also uncover a new sense of personal identity as you explore what it means to show up authentically with others. Utilize this Full Moon to reflect on how this area of your life deeply, and by default yourself, has changed since November 2021. Who are you more drawn to now? How have you found what community truly means to you?

The opposition from Mars in Scorpio may still intensify this lunation, playing as a continuous reminder that if you aren’t feeling comfortable or fully expressed within your friendships, then something may have to change. Feeling centered in these relationships can be a powerful catalyst for you. It can also be an empowering time to take action or go that one step further with your friend groups, either trying something new with them or sharing your work and creative efforts with like-minded groups. While this is the last eclipse here, there’s still continuous evolution around fun and community.


Career, public roles, and reputation are the spotlight placed by this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Your work for others has been under significant changes since November 2021. It may look like shifting into new roles at work or literal industry changes that disrupt whatever old beliefs you had about the work you should do. Celebrate and honor the journey you’ve taken to get here. There’s always an inherent risk when stepping outside a comfort zone, and your steps deserve the necessary recognition. Jupiter, with this Full Moon, affirms these changes and reminds you they were all in time due.

The opposition from Mars to Jupiter and this Full Moon may create discomfort and a feeling of not quite where you want to be, or what you envisioned it would be, at this time. There’s still a desire for more – for a bigger position, more recognition, or a more obvious shift. This lunation provides that dual expression and opposition, so be mindful not to fall into frustration and stagnation. Instead, recognize how the small progress and continuous efforts you have made in this area of your life have taken you this far. Celebrate, reflect, and then plan for the next steps.


Your long-term plans, future direction, and overarching beliefs about life during this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.  Since November 2021, you have experienced a disruption and discontinuity with your life’s path and journey. With eclipses here, there’s always the possibility of starting in one direction and getting completely flipped around and shifted to another, often unintentionally. This area of life also rules over higher education, new philosophies, and understandings, as well as cultural integrations and immersions. Find something to celebrate here, even if it’s different than what you originally planned, whether it be completing a major milestone in your life, taking a risk in a new direction, or just believing in yourself through all the differentials.

Mars opposite Jupiter on the same day does intensify the effects and leaves a feeling of unfinished business to the high point of the Full Moon. Just because this eclipse highlights the turning points of your life doesn’t mean you are necessarily stuck or done here. Mars in Scorpio will push new ideas and motivations into your life, potentially laying out a fresh plan on how you want to see your daily life change to fit these new visions. Utilize this lunation to change your daily routines and expand your mind to new possibilities for the next two to five years.


Money, shared resources like loans, installments, and agreements, as well as your partner’s income and stability, are highlighted by this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus are illuminated. Since November 2021, the area of your life dealing with finances that you own or work with another person on has been experiencing an adaptation and increased attention. Your partner(s), including those both business and personal, may have gone through a whirlwind of adjusting their income, finances, and resources they share with you, impacting how supported or stable you feel apart from your financial abilities. There may be a point of celebration here, of hitting the final milestone so you can both step back and appreciate the journey that has unfolded over the last two years and what can ultimately be applauded and treasured.

However, this Full Moon may still highlight lingering tensions between the balance of support and support. With Mars opposite Jupiter during this eclipse, there’s still a feeling of not enough, not having all the weak spots covered, and feeling a little ungrounded due to the turbulent journey. Notice if the results of this eclipse seem unfinished, and you still feel like you are attention back to your personal and internal needs. Find a balance between giving to another holding most of the control and influence when it comes to money within these relationships. This eclipse reminds us what it takes to transform.


In this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, one-on-one relationships, partnerships, and commitments provide the focus and cycle.

Thinking back to November 2021, how have your relationships shifted since then? What have you learned about partnerships and what it means to be in a loving and committed relationship? In a way, we have reached a point of celebration and recognition with this Full Moon in Taurus, highlighting the ups and downs in this area of your life and marking what’s coming to completion around your partners and how you see yourself within the context of another. Everything this last eclipse cycle here and those in Scorpio has brought has been around what and who you value and how you make that priority.

Mars sitting with the Sun and Mercury in your home sign of Scorpio makes an opposition to Jupiter and the Full Moon on the same day, perhaps adding a little more spice or tension to the Celebration. There may still feel like something is missing, or now that you have a deeper understanding of relationships and what you need from your partner, there’s a desire to turn around and giving yourself the necessary love and gratitude. Both will benefit from this focus.


Your daily routines, work responsibilities, and relationship with your body and pets are the focus of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Since November 2021, you may’ve experienced an overhaul in your daily work life and the routines or work you’re responsible for. It can look like changing jobs frequently, adjusting to a new work environment, or finding a new exercise routine that nourishes your body. This eclipse cycle has brought so much focus on how you spend your life in the daily grind, and this Full Moon provides a point of celebration and reflection over this cycle. Step back and look at how much has changed for you in these parts of your life and how you have contributed to this long-term shift.

The opposition from Mars in Scorpio may cloud the ability to truly appreciate your progress, especially if you start to notice any tension or discomfort with your mental health, inner world, and what you’re experiencing that others may not see. Take notice of what you’re working through in terms of healing this space, and continue to be open to changing up your work routines to create more room for yourself as well. If these past two years have taught you anything, it’s that you hold the ability to create a routine that can honor and lift you.


Your creative life, fun projects, and relationship with children are the focus and spotlight of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. So much has changed in this space for you since November 2021, potentially new creative outlets that allow you to find new forms of self-expression or experimenting with activities and relationships that allow more fun and pleasure into your life. Through the past two years, you have been diving deep into the parts of life unrelated to money – those pieces that make life worth living. What’s now opening up or coming to a point of completion that can allow you to celebrate this space? In what way can you also honor yourself and the ways you appreciate your life through creation and having fun?

Of course, Mars is making an opposition to Jupiter near this Full Moon, potentially creating a more tense experience rather than one that promotes release. Be mindful if you catch yourself being too critical of your creative visions or feel like you need external validation to be able to celebrate your work. Instead, use this energy to spend time with friends and your community, to go out on an adventure, or have more fun with other people that allows you to feel a little more appreciation than control. By surrendering to the experience, we often find more creativity.


Home and family life, your living environment, your relationship with your parents, and your past are the focus of attention under this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Reflecting on your home life since November 2021, what has changed here? It can look like a literal move and uprooting from one home to another, changing who you’re living with and any shifts in parental relationships. Your definition of what home truly means to you may’ve changed as well, as this can be a deeply personal process of releasing old beliefs and patterns around the home and being able to create an entirely new vision. This area of our chart also rules over our hidden and private parts of life, and eclipses here may represent a recent restructuring of the very foundation of self.

Of course, Mars is sitting opposite the beneficial Jupiter in Taurus and this Full Moon, perhaps making it harder for you to pull away from work and career responsibilities to enjoy or tend to home life. It can be a busy time when your attention is needed everywhere, but you have limited resources. There may also be general challenges at work relating to reputation and putting out fires, but try to find some space to tend to your mental health. Celebrating and reflecting on your progress at home can put life into perspective.


Illuminated by this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus are our local community, neighbors, siblings, or close friends who feel like family. This area of life also contains daily rituals you love to practice every day, as well as any writing or speaking projects you have been working on. Since November 2021, you may’ve seen a shift in how you live out your rituals and routines. It can be a change in literal schedules with new work times or with the ways you choose to unwind in the evenings. The people you keep close to you and see daily and weekly may have also experienced a transition. But now, Jupiter is affirming this area of your life, asking you to step back and appreciate the simple pleasures that are present now.

Of course, with Mars opposite Jupiter, there’s still a feeling of your life here potentially being unfinished or not fitting in with the future goals. In Scorpio, the planets remind you of your dreams and five-year plans, the travels you wish to take, and the new information you want to absorb. How can you still find enjoyment in your everyday life, even if it’s not quite the actual end goal? Find appreciation for accomplishing each milestone, and you’ll see the path laid out in front with more clarity.


Your sense of security, money, resources, and income is the focus and spotlight of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Since November 2021, the way you generate self-worth and stability, both materially and spiritually, has been under increased attention and growth. This area of your life may look different now; perhaps a shift in jobs with various income levels has occurred, or maybe a change in spending habits and what you value monetarily. In one way, this can be a point where you celebrate the hard work and challenges it took to get you to this point in your life. How have you healed your mindset around money and worth in the last two years? How do you approach what you value differently now?

The other piece sits opposite the Moon, over in Scorpio, with Mars opposing Jupiter. Perhaps an increased tension is found with your partner and their resources or lack thereof, which puts a little more pressure on you. Maybe there are other financial matters still pending, like loans, debt, inheritances, or other deep commitments made by others that are taking up headspace. If you feel torn between the two like you must step up and fix something, see if you can pause instead. Honoring your resources will still be a support system for others.

Maddie fell in love with yoga in 2018. After graduating from college and starting a corporate job, it was clear that she needed something to help her destress and return to her center. She often felt disconnected from my body, and yoga was a beautiful way for me to develop a stable relationship with it again. Maddie’s teaching style is open-level and finding the best movement for you. She focuses on the mind-body connection, deepening your heart and listening to how the movement echoes. She integrates breathwork into all styles of yoga, from vinyasa to yin. She believes yoga is a tool that opens us up to new experiences and deeper connections. Alongside yoga, Maddie is an astrologer and tarot reader. Check out Maddie’s website to learn more about astrology. Click here to book a yoga class with Maddie.



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