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Zen Sol Yoga Retreat

Welcome to Zensoul Yoga Retreat

Where yoga meets serenity in the heart of Egypt. Led by the expertise of Roba and Mata, our Egyptian-Greek team of instructors with over 20 years of experience each. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey. Rediscover well-being amidst Egypt’s timeless wonders. Your sanctuary awaits.

When: May 16th – 22nd, 2024

Where: Siwa, Egypt

Om Reset was brought to life by founder Victoria's realization that there exists a lack of Health and Wellness Programs in the workplace. Over the years, attending and instructing fitness classes led Victoria to discover vibrant health through breath and flowing movement, leading her to a healthier way of experiencing life. Intending to bring both yoga and wellness (this prominently includes meditation) into everyday life, her team has enabled 15 -minute Om Reset® sessions in workplaces, organizations, and homes globally. In addition, Om Reset's diverse team of yoga teachers provides an array of classes via live stream and real-time that you can access from anywhere in the world via their App.

Meet Roba!

Roba is a teacher on our platform. You can learn more about Her and check out her class schedule HERE.

Roba is facilitating the retreat with her friend Mata.

​​Living in a crowded city? Need an escape from all the noise? Want peace of mind? Then, this is a suitable retreat for you. This retreat is all about diving into yourself, is about finding the silence and calm for your mind and heart using ZENSOUL YOGA


Outdoor yoga class with participants on mats in the egyptian desert setting with mountains in the background, under a clear sky with the sun shining.
Two people floating in clear turquoise waters of a natural pool with white sandy edges.
Three SUVs driving through desert sand dunes, leaving tire tracks behind.

A 6 Day Retreat

​5 Days at Taziry Ecovillages Siwa and

​1 Day in Guardian Guest House (with Pyramids-view)


​​Breakfast, Lunch- (Snacks and Drinks offered the whole day)

​​Transportation from and to Cairo- Siwa Oasis

​​Sunrise and Sunset Yoga sessions daily

​​Meditation and Breath-work

​​Sound Healing with Singing bowls

​​Group Deep Relaxation- Hypnosis

​​Mandala colouring

​​Journaling and sharing circles by the fire

​​Salt Cave meditation experience

​​Salt Lake Swimming

​​Safari 4*4 and Sandboarding

​​Star Gazing

​​Visiting immersion in the high vibration of Siwa surroundings

Click the link for more information about the retreat: Zen Sol Retreat


A cozy rustic bedroom with two single beds, each flanked by warm wall-lights, colorful striped rugs on the floor, a small table with lit candles in the center, and traditional decor elements.

Double Occupancy

$ 1235


Alt text: A rustic bedroom with two single beds, wooden furniture, exposed wooden ceiling beams, and warm wall sconces casting a soft glow. The room is adorned with striped rugs on the floor and simple white bedding on the beds.

Triple Room




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