Bulletproof Golden Milk with Ghee and Coconut

Have you heard of “bulletproof coffee” yet? I’m betting you are familiar with this preparation, codified by David Asprey, the founder of nutritional company Bulletproof 360. The addition of fat to coffee is meant to taper the release of caffeine into the blood, and regulate energy and blood sugar levels through the slow-burning nature of fat. After experiencing yak butter tea in Tibet, Asprey hatched an entire line of products for making coffee with fat in it. Tibet is cold and at high altitude, and a churned mixture of yak milk, yak butter, a fermented tea, and salt has been a mainstay of workers to stay warm and nourished for centuries. Why yak? Yaks are a regional animal of the Tibetan Plateau. If you’ve ever seen a yak, long-haired and tough-looking, you won’t be surprised that these creatures—and their rich milk products—are a key to human survival in the cold, […]