Vania Midence




Om Reset Instructor Vania Midence Seated with hands at prayer pose.

Welcome to Vania’s Live-Stream Studio!

My name is Vania from Honduras in Central America, I’m a 500hr multi-style and 200hr kundalini yoga instructor. My journey through yoga started in 2009 when diagnosed with a chronic illness disease, finding an alternative lifestyle that would allow me to heal. In 2018 I left my career as an architect to become a yoga instructor in order to guide others into their own yogic paths. I am focusing my classes on a holistic and therapeutic approach. Throughout the session, I emphasize on the importance of breath and meditation spaces to create a rhythm for the energetic body to flourish and unclutter. Finding a peaceful moment within ourselves to be mindful of emotions, to listen, heal and connect. 

Vania’s Class Schedule

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