How to Support Your Health with Exercise

The human body was designed to move;  as evidenced by the three hundred and sixty joints in the human skeletal system, we all know that exercise is critical to maintaining optimal health. When engaged appropriately and according to one’s individual needs, exercise can be a potent catalyst for improved health. Unfortunately, modern life requires more and more of us to lead extraordinarily sedentary lives, making movement and exercise more important than ever. This guide: Benefits of Proper Exercise also supports the body’s detoxification pathways—kindling Agni ( the digestive fire ) throughout the tissues while improving digestion, circulation, elimination, and lymphatic flow. Beyond that, exercise activates natural pathways of rejuvenation by helping release accumulated tension, clearing stagnant mental and emotional energy, improving our ability to relax, and supporting sound sleep. All of these benefits are understandably critical to our experience of optimal health. Ideally, our fitness […]