Super Blue Moon in Pisces

created by ~ Maddie Delrae

The gorgeous super blue moon in Pisces occurs on August 30th, 2023, at 9:36 pm ET. This is the second Full Moon we have in August

The gorgeous super blue moon in Pisces occurs on August 30th, 2023 at 9:36 pm ET. This is the second Full Moon we have in August, making it a blue moon, and it sits very close to the Earth, meaning it will appear to be larger than normal on the horizon. Astrologically, this Full Moon sits in Pisces, a mutable water sign. Virgo season has been heavy on the details, especially regarding practical material needs that demand work and attention. But this lunation pulls us back into our feelings, emotions, and how we exist in life outside of everything we control. Pisces views our world within the system of collective experience, reminding us that we don’t live in isolation, and that every event or interaction we have is connected to another in some way.

This Full Moon also sits close to Saturn, who has been in Pisces since March 8th. Saturn is a planet that likes to establish boundaries, restrictions, and containment and put life into law and order. However, Saturn struggles to grasp the flowing water without form in Pisces. This Full Moon highlights the shapeless structures you’ve been trying to build since early March and reflects on what has been created here and what’s still a soupy mess. Saturn is now retrograde, so much of this process has been under review. Does this goal or system we are trying to create strict containment right now? Is it okay to allow creative flow to guide the process?

On the psychological level, this Full Moon may also highlight how we are too attached to something or someone out of our control. We can only contain or restrict things that are directly within our reach. By learning to let go of fearing what we cannot control, we can establish a better relationship and stronger connection with others and society. During Saturn in Pisces, it’s essential to remember we are not responsible for everyone and their actions.

Venus finally stations directly in Leo on September 3rd. This retrograde has been more personally significant. For forty days, Venus has been reviewing your sense of self, how you love, how you show up, and how you find the most total self-expression. This retrograde period may bring some uncertainty about what it means to be YOU exactly and a little more doubt or unease as you try new things and attempt to find what expands your heart. Now, direct, there’s more clarity on this direction, and as she progresses forward, you may see increased passion in your life. Venus will leave Leo on October 8th, which is still ongoing.

On September 4th, Mercury retrograde in Virgo will make a helpful trine to Jupiter in Taurus. This is a powerful day for practical matters and getting things done that need attention and brainpower. If something still needs to work out for you or a specific idea or plan needs changing, this day provides a significant aspect to help expand your mind and make adjustments. It’s still within the trial-and-error process, but the desires and outcomes are becoming more apparent.

Jupiter also stations retrograde on September 4th, and Jupiter retrogrades occur yearly. Hence, this isn’t necessarily a huge event, but it’s still a good moment to reflect and journal where Jupiter in Taurus has brought expansion and growth in your life since May 16th. What areas of your life have changed and been brought more into focus since then? How are you reviewing that growth and switching gears to refocus or experience growth in another area of your life?

The heart of the Mercury retrograde cycle occurs on September 6th, when the Sun in Virgo conjuncts with Mercury Rx in Virgo. This is a moment where ideas, goals, and plans can finally start to click into place and make more sense. Suppose you’re taking a process or direction in your life that needs heavy attention to detail and a review. In that case, this day will bring in more information and insight about how to make the most of the Mercury retrograde and what the different avenues may look like when moving forward.

Finally, a few days before the New Moon in Virgo, the Sun in Virgo will make a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Taurus on September 8th. This aspect feeds off the past few aspects with Mercury, where it’s another powerful day to accomplish plans and goals. This also affirms and expands your sense of self and what you have been working on and building over the past two weeks. The Sun and Jupiter help solidify what you wish to bring into fruition during the upcoming New Moon in Virgo.

Let’s look at where this Full Moon astrology is happening for you specifically.


Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces, sitting in the area of your chart that rules your needs, self-expression, how you unmask in the world, and even your body health. Saturn entered this sign in early March, asking you to get serious about yourself, what it means to show up as you, and how you wish to grow. This may pull you back from the spotlight and ask for more internal work and development. It can feel frustrating when you’re asked to contain more of yourself that is usually free-flowing and creatively endless. But there’s a reason for borders and boundaries. Sometimes, we can find ourselves taking on the identity and responsibilities of another, especially those we are close to in life. The purpose of Saturn is to clarify what is ours to hold onto and what we need to release that’s dragging us back and is not actually in our control. Through that containment, we can genuinely access more of ourselves.

Venus finally stations directly in Leo on September 4th, wrapping up the review of your work life, routines, pet needs, and exercise. Where have you been able to find a little more sweetness or fun in your daily work rituals? What coworkers or work relationships have grown? How is everyday life a little more enjoyable, or what are you learning you need from it so it can be?


The soft Full Moon in Pisces pulls you away from your daily work grind into the hidden corners and cushions of your mind, internal world, mental health, and connection with spirituality and otherworldliness. Saturn has been doing so much work behind the scenes of your external life, re-routing the structures of the mind and how you process events, the past, and how you heal through pain. This Full Moon illuminates the growth and internal shifts you’ve experienced since early March of this year. How have you been limiting the connections with your pain and loss? Or have you been taking on more than you can handle, embodying the hurt of others in your life, and failing to draw boundaries when necessary? This Full Moon reminds us that the message we speak to ourselves internally and how we hold a burden is essential to address as it also shapes our worldview and experience even if others can’t see the struggle. Sometimes, only some things can be contained, and occasionally, strict boundaries are needed.

Venus finishes her retrograde in Leo on September 4th, which has been a heavy review of your creative life and projects, children, and/or any ways you have fun or experience pleasure. What lights up a fire inside of you and fuels your self-expression? How has your relationship with creativity changed or grown? What new innovative inspiration or projects are you now pursuing?


This sweet and emotional Full Moon in Pisces highlights friendships, community, and the people you surround yourself with to find fun and pleasure. This area of your life may’ve felt more limited or restricted since early March, prompting you to reflect on what community truly means to you and the slow, steady build to create that vision. Sometimes, we’re asked to step away from the more fun parts of life and socialize to build our foundations behind the scenes, establishing who we are before we can see the underlying support. This Full Moon highlights that progress, however slow it may be, and encourages you to get clear on establishing the structures that make up your friend groups. This may involve getting precise on what you want your community to be and zeroing in on that space and vision. This also means not allowing yourself to be fully responsible for others in your community and ensuring any losses experienced don’t overpower your life the same way.

Venus, finally stationing directly in Leo on September 4th, wraps up the review and reflection on your home life, living environment, and relationship with your family. What have you learned is essential for you to have in a home space? What has changed about the definition of home for you? What new or old relationships are starting to blossom in this space, providing more resounding foundational and emotional support?


Career and public roles are illuminated in your life under this Full Moon in Pisces. Since early March of this year, you have been shifting attention to your career and work needs and where the boundaries sit between your role and the overarching organization and vision. This is an excellent time to reflect on what your career looks and feels like now and if you have a clear direction in this area of your life or feel more confused and frustrated with its progress. It’s also important to reflect on where the boundaries stand – are you taking on too much work that’s not explicitly yours? Are you feeling responsible for things in your career or with your community that are out of your control? Ruled by Jupiter in Taurus, take some alone time to process and reflect on what’s essential for you regarding work and where some boundaries and restrictions need to be established to achieve that desire.

Venus finally stations directly in Leo on September 4th, which has been about your daily life, neighbors, close friends that feel like family, and rituals. What have you learned about daily living since this summer, and what are you realizing is important to maintain in your life to keep it sweet and fun? How can your everyday life and routine feel more like a sweet escape than a chore?


Long-term plans, visions for the future, and your overarching direction in life are where the spotlight is placed from this Full Moon in Pisces. Since March of this year, this area of your life may’ve grown more slowly or felt increasingly limited in terms of what’s possible and feasible to achieve. You may reevaluate your old plans and dreams and determine they weren’t for you. Or some goals you had in mind to accomplish aren’t able to fully manifest yet. While containment is suitable for zeroing in on an overarching direction, sometimes we can miss out on other opportunities that could equally be exciting. This lunation encourages you to broaden your scope if it has been too narrow and allow yourself to explore other paths to life. On the flip side, if you have been entertaining too many different directions, you’ll be asked to start setting a border around what you truly want. It’s okay to have big dreams, but a vision in place to make them possible is equally necessary.

Venus finally stations direct in Leo on September 4th, wrapping up a summer-long review of your money, income, and overall resources that support you. What have you learned about earning money this summer? How have you been able to align your passions and relationships, and even a bit of fun, into this space?


Shared resources, collaborations, and your partner’s income are the focus for this Full Moon in Pisces. Much emphasis during Virgo season has been on your money and resources and how you generate support and stability for yourself. This luncheon pulls you back to look at the whole picture and what collaborations have been shifting structures since March of this year. Your partner (business or personal) has experienced limited income, or there’s a lack of separating each other’s finances and expenses. It’s an excellent time to clarify who owes what, what contracts are in place, and what needs to be negotiated or broken out more clearly. If you enter into any agreement, ensure clear structures and responsibilities. Otherwise, you may take on more commitment than necessary, which can get confusing. Even if this slows the process down, it’s essential to protect yourself.

Venus is finally stationing directly in Leo on September 4th and finishes the review of you, what you like, how you present yourself, and how you are personally experiencing growth this summer. What have the last two months taught you about individuality? What are you finding that is so important for you to nourish and grow? What are you also learning to let go of that no longer suits your new rebirth?


Relationships and one-on-one partnerships are highlighted under this Full Moon in Pisces. So much of Virgo season has been around you, your needs, and how you wish to establish yourself in the eyes of others. Under this lunation, you are pulled back into the partnerships and the deep, essential relationships you have in your life, and what structures, boundaries, or developments have been made with them since early March. There may be a lack of borders, and the boundary between mine and yours has dissolved. This is fine if it’s working for you both. Still, if not, you may be asked to think about your long-term vision and five-year dreams and use that as the backdrop of divvying out responsibilities and roles with those important people in your life, whether romantic partners or platonic ones. Remind yourself during this lunation that you are not entirely responsible for others in your life, and making sure their burden doesn’t wholly come your own is essential.

Venus will finally station directly in Leo on September 4th, finishing the summer review of your internal world, mental health, and spirituality. What have you been nourishing or working on healing behind what everyone else sees in the past two months? How have you reconnected with your beliefs and internal practices in a way that better supports you? What are you still exploring in this space?


The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates your daily work routine, work life, relationships with coworkers and your boss, pet needs, and body health. It’s throwing the spotlight on what it means to be busy with life and care for yourself in the ways that truly matter. Saturn entered Pisces in early March, potentially throwing on more responsibilities and roles in your routine, asking you to get serious about establishing a daily work structure you genuinely want. There also may be limits here – you may have a vision of what your ideal work-life should look like but are asked to step into responsibilities that don’t necessarily align. This Full Moon may highlight that discontent but remind you that you can set up boundaries and borders between the job(s) and activities as needed. There are things we have to do, and there are things we choose to do. Carving out the space between both and ensuring one doesn’t run into the other makes this transit more malleable.

In Leo, Venus is finally stationing directly on September 4th. This finishes the review of your community, friendships, and how you have fun or experience creativity and self-expression in your life. What has changed in your relationships with other people, especially friends? How have you learned more about yourself in that process and what it means to make space for fun? Or where did this feel more challenging?


This Full Moon in Pisces highlights your creative life, the ways you experience fun and love from others, and your relationships with children. This luncheon encourages you to consider this area of your life and what has changed since early March. Saturn may be limiting this space, shifting around what creative pieces can be contained and loosening the ability to hold onto others. Frustrations, loss, and areas where you haven’t felt inspired may be emphasized. If finding fun has been more difficult lately, it’s not without reason. There are challenges you are working through. But this Full Moon asks you to release some of your feelings of perfection and responsibility and take the moments of pleasure, love, and connection as they arise. It’s okay if it doesn’t look like what you envisioned. Your creative life is a process, and treat it as such. If you feel stuck, lean into your partnerships and close relationships for support as needed, and share the responsibility when possible.

Venus has reviewed your career and public work since June and finally stations directly in Leo on September 4th. This may be an excellent time to tap into this space and how you wish to be seen with your work. What clarity are you gaining here around what you want to attract? What career connections are growing? In what ways are you now being recognized for your work that you haven’t done before?


Home and family is where the spotlight falls from this Full Moon in Pisces. This may involve your living environment, relationships with the past and your current family, and what home really means to you. Saturn entered this sign in early March of this year, limiting and potentially putting more pressure on the need to establish a firm structure or containment of this space, asking you to get serious about finding a home or strengthening your current one. This lunation highlights this growth and also shows where there are holes or leaks from your inner energy reserves. Where are you taking on too much responsibility regarding home life? Or where are you taking on the burden of other family members when it’s not necessarily in your control? How can you establish what you direct in home life and focus on the slow, steady build there?

In Leo, Venus is finally stationing directly on September 4th. This wraps up the review and reconnection of your long-term plans, vision for the future, and overarching dreams. Use this time to reflect on how you have deepened your connection to your prospective concepts or perhaps separated from them because a new image is forming. This is a reminder that it’s okay to switch gears, especially as humans. We are not fixed beings, and a change can always be helpful.


This is a softer Full Moon for you, but in Pisces, it highlights your daily life, routines, neighborhood, and relationship with siblings or those that feel like family. This structure of your life has been changing since early March of this year, and you’re asked to reflect on what has been built in terms of establishing a routine or ritual or what close relationships have grown since then. This may also be when you’re asked to review the boundaries you have created and notice if there seems to be a lack in terms of living your life through or with someone else versus how you want to spend your days. Do you feel like there is enough space for you to ritualize life in a way that is enjoyable, or is there a lack of fun and pleasure due to feeling the need to be responsible for the order of everything? Communicate, write out, and reflect on what is working and what is not, then find ways to restructure your days for more joy.

Venus will finally station direct in Leo on September 4th, wrapping up the summer review that has been heavy on your money and collaborations with others. What have you learned about which agreements, contracts, or work with other people best suit your career and creative needs? What kind of people do you wish to unite with moving forward?


Money, resources, and your income get the spotlight from this Full Moon in Pisces. This area of your life has been under intense scrutiny since early March when Saturn entered this sign, asking you to get serious about what it means to build stability for yourself. You’ve been asked to find more containment with your resources, including restructuring how you make money and directing or limiting how it’s spent. This luncheon will highlight your successes and losses here and where the boundaries of your money may still have holes and are leaking out. If you have a dual-income household, how are you holding onto some of the fiscal responsibility that may or may not be necessary? If it’s just you, what has felt too frustrating and difficult to maintain lately, and maybe it’s just time to release? This is all about balancing what you can control financially and what you can’t and focusing on what’s important.

Venus finally turns direct in Leo on September 4th, finishing up a forty-day review of your relationships and one-on-one partnerships. What have you learned about the critical people in your life and what they are going through? In what way have you been asked to prioritize your relationships and also find support and love from them during your challenges? What are you learning about what you need from your relationships to feel more seen?

Maddie fell in love with yoga in 2018. After graduating from college and starting a corporate job, it was clear that she needed something to help her destress and return to her center. She often felt disconnected from my body, and yoga was a beautiful way for me to develop a stable relationship with it again. Maddie’s teaching style is open-level and finding the best movement for you. She focuses on the mind-body connection, deepening your heart and listening to how the movement echoes. She integrates breathwork into all styles of yoga, from vinyasa to yin. She believes yoga is a tool that opens us up to new experiences and deeper connections. Alongside yoga, Maddie is an astrologer and tarot reader. Check out Maddie’s website to learn more about astrology. Click here to book a yoga class with Maddie.



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