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Om Reset instructor sara rosa seated with hand in prayer position.

Welcome to Sara’s Live-Stream Studio!

Hi! My name is Sara Rosas, I am a 41yo wife, momma of 3 teens, part-time RN, and yoga studio owner, SloFlow Yoga, in a little town in Southern California, Imperial. I have practiced yoga since 2013, received my 200hr RYT certification in Hatha/Vinyasa in 2015, and started teaching that same year. January 2015 was when I truly found Yoga. I started practicing yoga at my local studio, and after only a few months, I took the leap and joined a yoga teacher training.

It was by far the best life investment I had ever made. Yoga, as a lifestyle, has improved my health, supports my spirituality, and gives my body that longevity that no other practice can offer.

Gentle Yoga is a practice I teach to plant that seed of wellness.

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