Oh how I love Tadka Dal.  We would order Tadka Dal almost  everytime we ate at an Indian restaurant in India.  Finally!  i have found the authentic recipe.  Tastes just like remember.  Let me know what you think!

Try adding a generous dollop of ghee,  The ghee is great for Vata dosha.  Tadka Dal  is indulgent and healthy at the same time – the lentils are packed with proteins and the tempering of various condiments does a good job of unlocking not only a mind blowing aroma but also the nutrition of the spice.

Restaurant Style Tadka Dal Recipe | How To Make Dal Tadka (दाल तड़का) with step by step video tutorial. Dal tadka or Tadka Dal is one of the most basic yet one of the most popular dal recipes served in any Indian Restaurant. A plain dal is a staple more or less at every meal in an Indian household. Can you imagine a simple lentil could be cooked in so many different ways? Every Indian state has its own traditionally famous dal recipes which are made using different varieties of lentils. The most common everyday dals and popular dal recipes are: But then there is a particular variety of dal calling from Northern Part of India. It is called Restaurant style Tadka Dal which is made with split pigeon pea and split chickpeas. Believe me, this humble dal can turn any meal into a Festive meal. Every single Indian […]