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Ana Valente

Reiki Healer


Meet Ana…

I am a Reiki Healer Level 3A by Mikao Usui Method y Reiki sessions are at a distance in the comfort of your home where there is no space or time as the Universal Energy is available to anyone at any time, and it is felt in the same way as a face-to-face session.

I am attuned to the four different symbols which were passed from the Reiki Master to me as a way of connecting me to the Universal Energy therefore I can be the channel helping human beings heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in their past or present moment working on each chakra from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head – from Root to Crown chakra.
I also include in my Distance Reiki Healing Sessions chromotherapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and music therapy that enhance the benefits of Reiki application by unlocking the inner flow of the vital force energy of each chakra bringing balance, alignment, energetic cleansing, and calmness to body, mind, and spirit.
The duration of the sessions is 60 minutes max, depending on the energy work needed for cleansing, unlocking, and balancing the 7 chakras, the main energy centers in the body.
I will give my feedback on the repercussions felt in each unbalanced chakra at the end of the session.  I will give you the necessary recommendations to change limiting beliefs, bad habits, lifestyles, and resignifications aiming at your well-being, development, and personal evolution, contributing as a fundamental tool for self-knowledge.
A powerful Crystal Grid is also available using 8 bitermed crystals for self and life transformation such as relationships, financial aspects, good health, etc. The client’s request is placed in the center of the crystal grid, Reiki is applied, and will work for 72 hours sending at the same energy and could be activated if needed.

Once you complete your purchase, Ana will be in touch with you to discuss the days and times for your sessions.

“Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization. Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all humanity.

– Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki system is based on a deep understanding of the structure of the Universe. According to Reiki teaching, all the processes taking place inside and around us are controlled by the matter of the highest order – the energy that has Consciousness – Ki. When you know how to manage your Ki, you acquire the ability to solve any problem and maximize your potential."

– Katya Ki

"The real magic of Reiki does not lay in within your lineage, but how deep you go into your personal practice within the system of Reiki. You could have trained with Usui, but if you do not practice the methods what would the difference be!"

– Frans Stiene