New Moon in Leo Arrives in August 2023

created by ~ Maddie Delrae

Fiery New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo

Leo’s fiery and fresh New Moon arrives on August 16th, 2023, at 5:38 am EDT. The Sun rules Leo, representing our spirit, mind, self-expression, and visibility. Leo loves applause, recognition, and spotlight because there’s a uniqueness and excitement when you find that ONE thing that inspires you to exist and shine. This New Moon asks us to step onto the stage and take on that new role, identity, or vision for our soul and future. With Venus retrograde occurring in the same sign and positioned close to this New Moon, she also highlights our desires and wants and how we see ourselves going out and attracting them.

There is always a catch, however, and this New Moon sits in a close square to Uranus in Taurus. It is the first full expression of Uranus and Jupiter together in Taurus. Jupiter has been expanding this area of the sky since May, providing growth, abundance, and affirming directions. However, with Uranus co-present in the sign, we find our growth, expansion, and direction through the chaos by disrupting our old patterns, discovering ourselves through unconventional methods, and breaking free from old traditions.

Therefore, this New Moon will emphasize instability, excitement, expansion, and uncertainty. We are stepping into a new era of personal growth and enrollment partly because we’re also expanding, growing, and disrupting. Because it’s a square aspect, it’s also a challenge. It is not something that comes naturally or with ease. We have two areas growing quickly, and we must be available and open to handling both sides. We must be willing to step into the discomfort for great reward. And, of course, this process can bring fear. The call to action is high, and the stakes are higher because our identity and sense of self are on the line.

Mars in Virgo will also turn to Uranus on the same day. It reinforces the underlying themes of change, transformation, disruption, and taking action that can be explosive, loud, and visible but necessary to disrupt our material world that’s already experiencing chaos. This lunation is not the time to step inside a box or fixed position – trying to hold down the bars when the wind blows will not get you anywhere. But leaning into the change and letting go of what’s no longer fitting is how we make the most of this new seed of growth and expansion.

The New Moon energies continue when Venus retrograde in Leo completes the square to Jupiter in Taurus on August 22nd. It is the second aspect Venus has made to Jupiter, the first one occurring on June 11th. Now retrograde, there’s a review and revisiting of what we wish to attract and bring into our lives, what we truly want, what we desire more of, and how that is shifting. Throughout this Venus retrograde, we may uncover what we ultimately want is something different, and the square to Jupiter is reopening the potential for affirmation and expansion to bring it into our lives. It may take more time and space than we thought back in June.

Then on August 23rd, the Sun enters into Virgo, and Mercury also stations retrograde in Virgo, signaling a significant shift in the skies and within our lives. On the one hand, the Sun in Virgo is great for motivating us to create a practical and actionable plan for the desires and passions we have uncovered during the New Moon in Leo. The Sun here will help dig out the details and show us what works and what doesn’t and what effort we need to put in to make our desires and dreams manifest into reality.

On the other hand, Mercury stationing retrograde implies that this process may take longer than we have anticipated. We may need to revisit our ideas and approach. Things may get lost in the shuffle, and it takes much longer to move forward. There’s always the potential to be colder and more self-critical, so be mindful that just because something went wrong doesn’t mean the whole process or dream is false. You need to find another way and route forward.

Mars will connect with Pluto on August 24th, which may be helpful during Mercury’s slowness to feel more motivated and encouraged to take action no matter what happens. It is a good day for feeling more into your power and having enough energy and effort to put your goals and desires in place. Pluto may uncover a hidden challenge, but Mars will be willing to step up to the battle. Take this moment of inspiration to keep moving forward.

The most challenging day of this lunation cycle occurs on August 27th when the Sun in Virgo makes the opposition to Saturn in Pisces. It can be a limiting day where we are presented with only some of the solutions or opportunities and are experiencing some blockage with our minds, ideas, and overall spirit. Remember that this is a temporary feeling, and with Mercury moving extra slow as well, it’s okay to step back and slow down as necessary. We are not at the end – we are still in the midst of the journey. Turning points and reevaluations are needed, as consistency is how we overcome our Saturnian demands.

Mars also enters Libra on August 27th, which adds another element to the slowness experienced during this time. Mars does not do well in Libra, because he is not encouraged to take bold, rash action and instead may act with more passive energy. The way we move forward with our desires may additionally feel more limited, and we may have to get creative with our efforts. Or at least give ourselves time to pause and slow down.

Let’s look at where this New Moon astrology is happening for you specifically.


The New Moon occurs in your sign, setting a fresh intentional growth on how you wish to show up in the world, be seen and recognized, and your overarching self-expression. Venus retrograde has been heavily reviewing the relationship with yourself, what you like about yourself, what you don’t like, and how you wish to adorn and decorate your body and overall sense of style. With this new information from Venus, use this lunation to set an intention for how you want to continue your growth, your values, and what is most important for your identity and sense of well-being. Challenges and disruptions may occur around your career and work, especially as you dive deeper into who you are and your values. Be mindful if you feel a split between your career and your true sense of self. While having some differences is okay, you must be sure you aren’t shoving yourself down to fit another’s expectations. A healthy balance and boundary between the two areas of your life may be needed.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will review your money, income, finances, and overall confidence you have to support yourself. It is an excellent time to analyze your income flows and find what works here and what isn’t. How are the streams of money changing or being reevaluated? Where do you need to adjust your spending? What areas of work or income are you feeling more or less confident in?


Your inner world, mental health, spirituality, relationship with yourself, and belief in personal success is the focus of this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde has been reviewing the external pieces of your life – work, money, and your long-term plans – but a significant part of this Venus transit has been around your inner world and within your mind, the parts of yourself that you don’t share with other people. Through spending time alone, away from the external busyness, and within your mind, you are learning more about your history with loss and how you deal with internal conflicts that get in your way regarding success. The New Moon asks you to reflect on what you intentionally want this space to grow into moving forward. Challenges or disruptions may arise with your future goals, potential travel plans, higher education, or teaching roles. Your life and public visibility may be under increased attention, but you still need to carve out time for yourself and your mental health so that there’s a balance to help mitigate any overwhelm.

Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign of Virgo on August 23rd will review how you present yourself externally, stemming from what you’ve learned during this New Moon and Venus retrograde. Checking your sense of self, values, and what matters most is an excellent time. How do you want to show up in the world? How do you wish others perceive you? What core values about yourself are you revisiting and learning more about now?


Community, friendships, and how you have fun are in for a fresh growth cycle under this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde in this sign has brought a significant review of the relationships and friendships you keep in your life, who you stay connected to, and who supports you through it all. There’s also an extensive review on how you have fun and enjoy life, as well as not taking yourself so seriously during times of stress. Following this uncovered information, the lunation in this sign reinforces those themes and asks how you wish to see your community and friendships grow and have more fun. The challenges come from potential or lack of income and shared resources, including collaborations, your partner’s income, or stability. Attention around finances and contracts may cloud over the (necessary) need to have more joy and let go of attachments. Part of this New Moon is learning to balance both sides of life and take the days as they come, staying focused on only what you can control. Resolution may find itself when you least expect it.

Mercury retrograde on August 23rd will review your inner dialogue, conversations behind the scenes, spirituality, and mental well-being. Be mindful of critical self-talk and overanalyzing your emotions and feelings. Mercury may want to pick apart everything, which can be helpful and exhausting. What new ideas and projects are you starting to develop? How are you evaluating your relationships with yourself and your mental health?


Career, public roles, and your work in the world are the focus for new growth and attraction under this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde has been reviewing your relationship with work, how you show up for your public roles, and how you shine at what you do. This lunation encourages you to set a new intention for how you wish to see your work grow while understanding what also needs to be changed. You must feel seen and appreciated for your work and ensure you’re getting the recognition and love you deserve. Whether changing your public-facing appearance or adjusting your career to suit your expression better, this New Moon encourages a fresh start. Some challenges and disruptions in your career and work may stem from your relationships and one-on-one partnerships needing attention. You may feel busy and pulled between work responsibilities and relationship needs. Sometimes you must be honest about what demands your attention because showing up more authentically for your work can help us grow and receive the support we need.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will review your communities and friendships. You may evaluate who continues to support you, who you have fun with, and who you are starting to outgrow and move on from. What about your friendships and communities demanding attention or change? What is essential for you to have in a friend? How can you have a little more fun in your life?


A fresh rebirth occurs around your vision for life under this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde has reviewed your overall direction, five-year plan, and how you see your long-term life unfolding. This transit may also revisit your beliefs, philosophies, and underlying current of why you live life the way you do. Under this lunation, you may feel the seed of inspiration to solidify a new direction that aligns more with who you are and what you wish to attract in your life. The challenge will be working through this vision against your daily work life, routines, and responsibilities. Some unexpected disruption may arise around your work life or with coworkers, drawing your attention and energy away from the actual concrete planning and dreaming. You may have to get creative and remain unattached to people or events you don’t value.

Mercury will station retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd, asking you to review your overarching career and how the public’s eye for what you do. It isn’t the best time to change jobs or jump from a position, but it is an excellent time to evaluate what you want out of work and whether it supports your long-term dreams. What about career is coming up for review? What structures or pieces of your work need a change or go so something can grow that aligns with your vision?


The New Moon in Leo plants a seed of fresh growth and change within your shared resources, partner’s income, financing, and any collaborations that involve money or sharing assets and income. Venus retrograde has been reviewing this area of your life and your relationship with collaborations or other people bringing in resources or working with your money. It may involve loans and financing, but also attachments we have with past relationships or other current partnerships. Evaluate your role with others and how you feel supported within these arrangements. It can also be a great time to begin a new collaboration or project with another person if you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Challenges or disruptions may arise with your need to honor your creative and fun life. You may feel busier or need help with focusing on responsibilities at times. It’s okay to take a break when needed and to ensure you’re still respecting any need to step back from work to enjoy life and self-expression through art and play.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will review and revisit your long-term plans, higher education goals, philosophies, beliefs, and any teaching projects, if applicable. It is an excellent time to review and evaluate what you truly want for the future regarding your work and overarching goals. What previous plans or dreams are now coming under review? What new ideas or changes are you making regarding your long-term plans and direction?


Relationships, one-on-one partnerships, both personal and romantic, and the commitments you are making to others in your life are the focus of this New Moon in Leo. Heavily tied to your relationships than other signs is the Venus retrograde. Review the quality of these connections with the important people in your life, what they are going through and experiencing, and how you play a role in these dynamics. You have learned new things about what it means for you to step into the role of a partner and how parts of your life may become harmonized with another, including your home and long-term direction. This lunation promotes fresh growth, love, and a new perspective on what relationships mean to you and your life. Establish structures for them to grow. The challenge may come from the enmeshment of your home life. Something may be changing or disruptive in your shared living environment. Your partner’s needs may require you to juggle your demands against their demands. Listening to everyone involved is the first step. Mercury retrograde on August 23rd will review your shared resources, money, and interconnected finances, including collaborations and loans. What about money have you been zeroing in on and analyzing more deeply? What conversations are arising around partnerships and working with other people? It is an excellent time to review your work commitments and how they are supporting you financially or not.


Daily work life, work routines, responsibilities, relationships with coworkers, and your body health is the focus of this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde in this sign has been reviewing your attachment (or lack thereof) to your daily routine and whether or not it’s bringing joy to your life and providing enough time and space to nourish your body and health. Cultivate and intentionally set a new routine and structure around your responsibilities so that you feel supported by your work and life during this New Moon. When we spend so much time each day doing something, it’s important to enjoy some aspects. Of course, maintaining a healthy schedule can be difficult, especially with current disruptions and expansions in your day-to-day life and rituals. Your life may be busier around this lunation, making it challenging to prioritize your needs. But the more you can make space for yourself, the easier you will find it to complete your tasks. Periods of hard work aren’t necessarily bad, but when they become overwhelming when you need a reminder to step back.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will put the spotlight and focus on your one-on-one relationships and partnerships, both personal and romantic. What is coming up around relationships at this time? What challenges are your partner(s) personally experiencing, and how is that impacting your life? Where do you need to reevaluate the structure of your partnerships?


Creative projects and how you find pleasure and fun in your everyday life are the focus for intentional growth and refresher under this New Moon in Leo. The Venus retrograde has reviewed your relationship with pleasure, art, and self-expression by creating and sharing joy with others. Under this transit, you may have rediscovered activities that bring you love and excitement. Learn to let go of old ones that no longer provide the same fascination. This New Moon wants you to solidify fun and creativity by adding a structure or necessary routine to keep it in your day-to-day existence. It may also celebrate the art and work you have created. The challenge against this stems from work and income needs, where you may feel extremely busy with work projects (equally financially rewarding!) but may need help balancing your responsibilities against creative play and joy. Life may get busy, but learning to set aside time for your expression is the lesson in this space.

Continuing that theme, Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will review your daily work responsibilities, work routines, and relationships with coworkers. You may need to start restructuring your daily routine and pick apart the different elements of your everyday life that are an unnecessary burden. What about your daily work life do you like? What do you need to review that is not helpful for your overall health, energy, and creative pursuits?


There’s a new beginning being illuminated around your home life, living environment, and relationship with your family under this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde has been reviewing this sector of your private life, what it means for you to be at home, and how you define security and belonging in your life. Planted under this lunation is a seed of new growth and change; perhaps a new home, a new perspective on what home is, or a shift with your familial relationships. It can be a time to cultivate a living space that reflects who you are, especially as the potential disruption and challenge to this New Moon come from Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the area of your chart representing you. Deeper understandings about who you are, how you wish to present yourself, and how you’re disrupting your old patterns are unfolding. This increasing awareness of your needs may conflict with the needs of your home and family. While the two do not have to mirror each other, they need to feel cohesive so you don’t feel like an outsider in your house.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will review your creative life, relationship with children, and how you have more fun or share pleasure with others. What about your creative projects are you revisiting and analyzing? How are you changing how you express your art and new ideas to others? Does it feel like a time to have more fun in your life?


Your rituals, daily routines, siblings, close friends, conversations, and how you interact with your local community and neighbors have been the focus of review under this Venus retrograde. This New Moon in Leo illuminates this space and asks you to think about the past month and what it means to feel loved and supported by sweet daily activities and connections with others close by. This lunation is an excellent moment to slow down and reflect on what has been fulfilling in your day-to-day and how you can make that a necessary structure for your life moving forward. Also, look for new relationships that help you feel sustained and loved. The challenge sits within your mental health and internal dialogue. Notice if you feel pulled to isolate or spend more time tending to your spiritual and inner needs. There’s a necessary balance between giving yourself time to be alone and spending too much time away from actual living. All the same, notice if you are avoiding yourself or undoing any ways you may experience enjoyment. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.

Mercury retrograde on August 23rd will review and revisit your home life, living environment, and family relationships. Open up the conversations around what home means to you and what you need from your family or others in this space. How is home nourishing you? How is it not, and what do you need to change for it to feel more in alignment? What conversations are coming up with your family and their needs?


Your money, income, resources, and finances are the area of new growth and intention under this New Moon in Leo. Venus retrograde has been reviewing your relationship to generating wealth and security for yourself and how this process impacts your self-esteem and confidence. The New Moon asks you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to a new direction, goal, or way forward to bring financial and emotional stability to your life. It can be an exciting time of aligning yourself with what feels plentiful. At the exact moment, challenges and disruptions may stem from your community and friendships. They may start to ask more of your time, and your life may get busier as you balance between work and play. The critical thing to remember is that a balance between the two is necessary. You feel more confident, and your overall sense of self will filter and impact your relationships and community.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd will review your daily rituals, conversations, and relationships with siblings or close friends. You may need to restructure your routine, share more information about what you are building, or get out in the world more. Treat this as a learning process, and try not to be too self-critical of yourself during this exploration. Being too fixed on a specific outcome or idea will limit your true expansion and growth.

Maddie fell in love with yoga in 2018. After graduating from college and starting a corporate job, it was clear that she needed something to help her destress and return to her center. She often felt disconnected from my body, and yoga was a beautiful way for me to develop a stable relationship with it again. Maddie’s teaching style is open-level and finding the best movement for you. She focuses on the mind-body connection, deepening your heart and listening to how the movement echoes. She integrates breathwork into all styles of yoga, from vinyasa to yin. She believes yoga is a tool that opens us up to new experiences and deeper connections. Alongside yoga, Maddie is an astrologer and tarot reader. Check out Maddie’s website to learn more about astrology. Click here to book a yoga class with Maddie.


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