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Kathy enjoys bringing greater health and healing through alignment-based Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, and Spiritual Counseling. She works with individuals, small groups, and lectures to large audiences.

Kathy is former Associate Faculty at Arizona State University and three of the Maricopa Community Colleges. Kathy has been sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge, the transformative benefits of yoga/meditation/Pilates, and the power of the mind since 2005.  

She is the founder and owner of Healing Hearts Spiritual Counseling, Yoga & Adventures, offering transformational life coaching & spiritual counseling at three East Valley Phoenix locations and by Zoom Room.  Kathy specializes in the four major quadrants of life:  health, vocation, relationships (personal or professional), time, money, and freedom. 

Kathy beautifully blends ancient philosophies with modern-day wisdom & practical application of A Course in Miracles, Metaphysics, Science of Mind, and New Thought to call forth your best life.  

She is a Self-Love advocate and enjoys supporting others on their journey to awakening to their magnificence!!! Join Kathy on a journey of Self-discovery, inner transformation, and empowerment through classes, workshops, and getaway retreats.

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