Kali Ram


Om Reset teacher Kali Ram in warrior 3 yoga pose.

Welcome to Kali’s Live-Stream Studio!

Originally from the island of Mauritius, Kali took the opportunity to study in the UK, eventually graduating with a degree in Optometry. Yoga started as a fitness fix and quickly became a holistic passion for all things yoga-related, including meditation, breathwork, philosophy, astrology, and Ayurveda. Over seven years of practice, she complements her love of yoga with an interest in energy healing and contemporary embodiment theory.

Writing and painting are her ways of playful resourcing in her free time. Besides being in the digital world, Kali is a Sensual Arts Facilitator and runs women’s circles. She blends these powerful tools to ritualize expression and liberation through the body. Passionate about curating transformative journeys, she is attuned to reinforcing the connection to self and sensuality as a gateway to spirituality.

Kali’s Class Schedule