How to Have Abundant Energy

I totally get how many of you are a little wary about embracing Ayurveda.  Believe me; I was wary at first.  It wasn’t until I studied to become an Ayurveda Health Coach  I realized the power of herbs and food. Don’t get me wrong.  I love living an ayurvedic lifestyle, but there may be a time when actual medical science may need to intervene.  And, so that you know, I don’t always follow it. I am human!  HAHA!   Now that I know my body so well, I can easily see when something does not agree with me.  Enjoy this article from Banyan Botanicals. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

Increasing Your Energy with Ayurveda

We live in a society that places a tremendous amount of value on a very active, mobile, and productive type of energy, which leads to continuous cultivation of personal and societal busyness.

So often, when we think of what our lives would look like if we had more “energy,” the life we imagine wouldn’t necessarily serve to improve our sense of well-being at all.

In fact, in many cases, living our imagined high-energy lifestyle would actually increase stress, foster anxious feelings, deplete ojas (the subtle essence of strength, vigor, and vitality), and leave us feeling ragged.

The good news is that it is possible to nurture a more balanced relationship with energy.

Ayurveda offers many paths toward improved vitality in our bodies—ones that will serve our long-term health.

Instead of magnifying our capacity to exhaust and deplete our systems, Ayurveda recommends developing and nurturing a more balanced relationship with energy.

The Ayurvedic approach to increasing energy involves:

  • Honing a natural sense of inner alignment to feel more alive and inspired.
  • Honoring our bodies while listening to, trusting, and following our hearts.
  • Learning to refine our diets, our practices, and our very way of life to more fully support the whole of who we are.
  • Living in harmony with the seasons and the broader cycles of nature.

The journey may also surprise you. You may find yourself wanting to be more intentional about where you spend your newfound energy.

Not all forms of energy are equal, so let’s start at the beginning—by taking a closer look at what it means to have energy and vitality, and how Ayurveda can help you maintain both…