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Doug Blatt

Hello. My name is Doug and I sincerely love meditation and yoga and I am excited to share my passion with others. I have experienced such freedom and growth as a result of my practices and I love sharing what I have learned. I am a professional chef by trade and I still love the industry but these days I am moved to follow my heart and share it with others through yoga and meditation teaching and practice.
Some of my interests include: Creating and performing improvisational music, writing poetry, healthy food, participating in kirtan, chanting, visiting my local Hindi temple (they have amazing food, too!), connecting with others, supporting local businesses, caring for my loved ones and animals, and living a clean, heart-centered healthy lifestyle.
My yoga path has led me to the Bhakti tradition which continues to open my heart and share my true nature with others. I sincerely love connecting with people at the heart level and sharing all of the ups and downs of life, together. I feel really honored and blessed to be at this stage of life and if I can help one person with any of their struggles then I feel as if I am being of service and value.
I look forward to getting to know all of you and to be able to share a peaceful, supportive environment with each other.


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