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Professionally, I am a Therapeutic Bodyworker, Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, & writer. Personally, I am a soul of faith, sun-savorer, a genuine introvert, organic garlic grower, trail hiker, yogi, tea & coffee lover, book gleaner, and learner of the human body and its beautiful ability to heal!

My joy is to edify and inspire others to invest in their wellbeing – body, soul, & spirit! I own Inspired Wellness, which encompasses my love of holistic wellness  & writing. I’ve worked in the wellness & consulting field for 20 years and hold a Master’s degree in Natural Health Sciences.  I am also certified as a: Sports Yoga Instructor, Sports Injury Specialist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach.

Yoga has helped me recover from many injuries, including cervical bulging discs (causing neck + nerve pain) and a sacral fracture causing chronic sciatica. A healthy practice can help restore you as well!  Please join me as we journey through self-care!

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