An Ayurvedic Guide to Lung & Sinus Health

How would your life be different if your breath were more relaxed, more fluid—less disturbed by congestion, cough, stress, or anxiety—if you could simply breathe easy? Most of us can relate to the panic we experience when we can’t catch our breath for some reason. Inadequate respiration is a very real threat to our lives, so when we can’t breathe comfortably, our survival instincts kick in fairly immediately. But even seemingly benign disruptions in the respiratory pathways can have a significant impact on our overall health—especially over the long-term. Imbalances in the respiratory tract can strain both the mind and the physiology in any number of ways. When we truly can’t breathe, this stress becomes extraordinarily apparent to us. With more subtle imbalances, we may not be as consciously aware of the accumulating discord, but the impacts on the system as a whole remain.

The respiratory system interacts directly with some of our most vital organs—the lungs and the heart, which are responsible for nourishing every cell and tissue throughout the body.

And the Vedic tradition reminds us that the respiratory pathways are also closely tied to prana (the vital life force that is carried on the breath), as well as a number of subtle channels that are quite significant to our overall well-being.

Caring for the respiratory pathways and addressing respiratory imbalances is therefore an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. In fact, doing so can be transformative.

In the paragraphs that follow, we will explore the Ayurvedic perspective on the respiratory system, identify common imbalances that can befall it, and explore a number of different modalities for inviting a return to balance.

If you feel that your life would change for the better if you could breathe a little easier—either physically or energetically—you’ve come to the right place. The Ayurvedic tradition has a lot to offer when it comes to inviting an easeful and nourishing relationship with the breath—and with the vital life force, it circulates.

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