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 I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation since the age of 20 years as I was extra sensitive to the outside world, and my job as an IRS  was very demanding. I also went on to qualify as a REIKI MASTER and helped many people to become REIKI channels.

       After my retirement (60yrs), I entered a phase of inactivity and depression, which affected my body very badly.  I developed severe knee pain, and my Physician advised me to have knee surgery as I could not walk even a few steps.

This acted as a turning point in my life, and I decided to touch the fountain of my inner health, which I always felt inside but could never touch.   I went on to qualify as a Yoga Teacher ( 500 hrs)  and started teaching Yoga.  

         Now I am in YOGA (connected to the source.)  I decided to move my attention to an inner fountain of wellness. Thereafter, every stretch, every pose, and every breath in me takes me to a higher level of wellness and health.

I feel abundance everywhere so I want to share this wellness with every one .

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